Don't take our word for it. Listen to our clients.


Ben Tyler Building and Remodeling takes great pride not only in the quality of our work but also in the relationships we form during each project. We always appreciate receiving feedback from our customers.

"I'll never forget the feeling of seeing you walk up the hill."


Dear Ben,

When we first approached you with the idea of the remodel in 2003, you became enthusiastically involved with the back and forth drawings and ideas for the project. After a period of months, we settled on a clearer course, and you then directed Daryl Proffitt to give us estimates and to be project manager. I confess that after our extensive contact with you during the beginning stages, I was unsure how to feel about the oversight being handled by someone new; however, before long all I could think was "I couldn't hope for better care with this project than we are getting from Daryl!"

We are also grateful for the way you arrived promptly and dealt swiftly and well with the fire in 2011 and the tornado in 2012. I'll never forget the feeling of seeing you walk up the hill with Bob Gary, amidst all the fire trucks, to see that power to the house was safely dealt with and to begin the process of damage assessment and securing the premises. The restoration your company oversaw left our home as good or better than before the fire and the tornado took their toll.

Since those tumultuous experiences, we've had a couple of larger maintenance issues that your company has helped us with (the rebuilding of our bridge walls, the repaving of our lower drive that washed away) and periodic smaller carpentry or home maintenance issues that Daryl examines and that Joe manages with his thoughtful, thorough, and professional care.

Where would we be today without the help of Ben Tyler Building and Remodeling's team, Handyman Plus and the emergency services? I just can't imagine!

Best Regards,
Louisville KY 40241

"Perfect authenticity..."


Hi Ben,

Well this is a LONG overdue THANK YOU note! We were one of the first to purchase a Ben Tyler Home in Norton Commons back in 2006. After all this time… we still LOVE it! Honest to goodness, without a doubt it is the best quality built home Ted and I have ever purchased. So many excellent features attracted us to the home. The beauty of the brick and wood features to create a perfect authenticity of a Federal Style home from the 19th century, the layout of the living room, foyer and kitchen area, to the gorgeous brick patio with the beautiful architecture of the breezeway connecting the house to the garage. I also want to give your team kudos for the 5 Star Energy Award our home received….it most definitely attests to the quality of the workmanship. And years later our EON bill confirms it as well!

Finally, I just want to thank you, George and Robert again for not only understanding what I had envisioned for a second Master Suite upstairs, including the beautiful archway into the reading area, master closet and bathroom… but more importantly, making it happen! Its one of a kind design makes it all the more special.

Please know that in the future if we need to break ground and build from scratch… Ben Tyler would be the builder we would choose… again and again.

Be Blessed,
Prospect, KY. 40059

"Knowledgeable, cooperative, and detail-oriented..."


Dear Mr. Tyler:

We appreciate the cooperation on the part of your firm in working with us to assure that historic preservation standards and our local guidelines were followed. We would also like to express our admiration and gratitude for the level of craftsmanship which has been exhibited by the several contractors throughout this entire project. In particular, I would like to thank George Heath for his close cooperation with our preservation office. It has been a pleasure working with a project manager who is knowledgeable, cooperative, and detail-oriented.

Sincerely yours,
Preservation Administrator
Bardstown Historical Review Board
Joint City-County Planning Commission of Nelson County

"One man and one company up to the task..."


A bizarre summer storm brought our neighborhood high winds and storm damage a few years back that devastated our home. We watched a one hundred year old oak tree snap in half and crush our roof, level four chimneys and leave our upper floors and yard unusable. Convincing a tree company to remove and haul off the tree was what we figured would be the real battle. We were wrong. While most contractors balked, or quoted outlandish sums to do the work, and our carrier applied outdated price systems to assess the cost of repairs, we found one man and one company up to the task. Ben Tyler and his crew assessed the situation and coordinated a price and plan acceptable to the insurance company. They then set out to make the repairs in a fashion that allowed us to resume life as normal, live in our living space and use the unharmed portions of the house while they reassembled and repaired a 100-year-old home to its original charm. Removing and disposing of an asbestos shingle-tile roof had been a deal killer for some who had looked at the job, but the Tyler professionals arranged for the asbestos experts to remove, haul off and discard the materials in full compliance with all codes and laws. They then provided us with options to restore the look and charm of the tile with newer, safer materials, and the end product was a beautiful roof that looks like the older one but has many generations yet to protect. In fact, all of the exterior surfaces, gutters, interior finishes and stylistic touches we associate with our neighborhood were restored brilliantly thanks to the Ben Tyler company. His foreman and workers took extra steps to accommodate our living needs, namely reducing the noise and refuse around the project, and they did so without our young children suffering at all. I would not hesitate to hire Ben Tyler again for my restoration, renovation or storm/weather damage repair work.

William K. Oldham
Middleton Reutlinger

"I have only good things to say..."


The people he (Ben Tyler) uses are amazing. Almost anyone you ask who has had work done will have complaints about their builders. “Oh, they took too long; they were messy; they were rude; they didn’t show up when they were supposed to.” I’ve got none of these things to say. I have only good things to say about these people. We grew to like them. All the Ben Tyler people were bright, articulate, well-mannered people who we were happy to have around our kids.


"Great results, expert craftsmanship, high integrity..."


Great Results, Expert Craftsmanship, High Integrity — I had Ben’s company plan and implement a very large kitchen/family and breakfast room remodeling project last year. It was a very complex job that included taking out two load bearing walls. From the beginning until the end, everything went as scheduled. Ben always had a person on the job supervising all of the work being done by any subs that he hired for the job. I was given a calendar with all of the various steps outlined, and it was followed perfectly. I even had the very good fortune of having him install a backup generator for my home which I have already used twice as a result of major storms. I would most definitely recommend him for any job on your home, especially if you intend to live in the home during the process. Everyone at his company was simply great to work with!